My Hong Kong experience (pics)

Hi fellows,

here you’ll find some pics of my week in Hong Kong, where I’ve done my first live Asian performance at the Tsim Sha Tsui Center with the Chinese celebrity Jason Chan. I have performed a live painting of EnoArte, using wine instead of colors to paint pictures as they age over time.

At Tsim Sha Tsui Center I’ve created a live painting in front of a special guest: the Chinese celebrity Jason Chan. Jason is one of the most followed artist by the young Chinese people: after a past as a conductor, in 2010 he was offered the first major role in the sitcom Home for dinner, and this year he made his debut as the lead in drama Blissful Ferry Wheel.


An unusual combination which shows once more the attention that is paid to my artwork. After the “adventure” in Los Angeles (USA) last May, where I was the special guest of VivaVinoLA, now we’ve reached the Far East with wine-made paintings.

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